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Whiteboard Animations, Video Scribing: What’s the Big Deal?

Posted By: David Faltz
Category: Video Marketing
Custom Whiteboard, Typography, Animations and Promotional Videos

It appears that internet marketing has hit a major pivot point in 2014. The combination of the rise of video marketing and the dwindling attention span of the general public has given way to something known as ‘video scribing.’ While you may be more familiar with the term ‘whiteboard animation,’ the fact that it now has an official title shows that it may be shifting from a niche marketing technique to accepted industry strategy. Do you know what video scribing is and why it’s so valuable?

What is Video Scribing?

According to Room 214, “Video scribing is an elevated, engaging new form of visual story telling. It capitalizes on the fun of a multi-sensory experience, but uses audio, video and 3rd party interaction in a way that’s sometimes independent of each other.” In layman’s terms, video scribing is a form of video marketing which records the live or simulated drawing process of an artist in combination with audio and other multi-sensory elements to tell a unique story.

Advantages of Video Scribing

Okay, so video scribing is cool, trendy, and new, but what are the real advantages? Industry experts have trouble narrowing it down to just a handful, but here are some of the most commonly cited advantages of video scribing:

Stand Out From the Crowd
  • Stand Out from the Crowd. One of the keys to successful marketing is finding a way to stand out from the crowd. In the crowded marketplace that is the internet, this is extremely crucial. If you can find a way to rise above the noise and push out a unique message, you stand a much better chance of harvesting results. Video marketing has been on the rise for a couple of years now, so in and of itself, it is no longer a huge point of differentiation. Video scribing, however, is relatively fresh. Because of its unique ability to use so many multi-sensory elements in combination with one another, it sticks out and commands attention.
  • Better Communication. If you sell a product or service that is difficult to understand, video scribing has a way of making complex ideas more digestible. Your video doesn’t have to be salesy or promotional; it can be purely informative and still do the trick. Use this interactive technology to break things down and improve message retention.
Viral Video Marketing
  • Viral Traffic. Whether you would admit it or not, you would love some viral website traffic to come your way. Odds are, you probably won’t do that with a standard video. You need something that sticks out and warrants sharing. Video scribing is new enough that a well-produced video could garner some serious attention.
  • Low-Cost Advertising. While television ads and standard videos can be expensive to produce, video scribing is a cheaper, equally effective alternative. While you may opt to go with a company specializing in video scribing, you can actually give it a shot yourself. Mike Essex, online marketing manager at Koozai, says you really only need a high-definition camera, good audio, and a decent artist.
  • Compliment Other Content. While video scribing may not replace all of your internet marketing efforts, it can be a very effective compliment to other content. If you have a blog (which you should), you can use these videos to better illustrate a point or add some spice. If you typically rely on social media, push a whiteboard animation video out to your followers. You may be surprised with how well it’s received.

Examples of Effective Video Scribing

In order to see some video scribing examples in action, let’s take a look at three effective whiteboard animation videos from actual companies:

Adobe – EchoSign. Getting PDF documents signed sounds pretty boring, right? Well, it may be a boring topic, but Adobe found a way to make its useful technology sound a bit more interesting to the average Joe. This video does a particularly good job of combining audio effects with high quality whiteboard drawings.

Elevation Credit Union – Elevations Energy Loans. Finance and loans are certainly not the easiest or most interesting topics to discuss. That’s why Elevation Credit Union developed this whiteboard animation video to concisely explain their special energy loans.

Horace Mann School – Fond Memories. Instead of trying to discuss what the Horace Mann School means to them in a 1000 word blog post or boring interview, the authors of this video were able to keep the audience’s attention long enough to discuss everything they wanted to share in an artistic way

Be an Innovator

When looking for ways to stand above the noise and develop effective internet marketing content, try thinking innovatively. Your business won’t succeed from following the pack; you need to pave your own way. Video scribing is just one of the effective ways to do this in 2014, so why not try it out?

How likely are you to try out video scribing as a part of your internet marketing strategy this year?

David Faltz
David Faltz is the founder of the digital marketing agency White Rabbit Marketing. He helps small to medium size businesses (SMBs) build their presence and enhance their brands on the Internet, using advanced Search Engine and Branding Optimization techniques (SEBO) and cutting edge web designs. He is a graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in public relations and business, and utilizes those skills daily not only in his work, but his published work.
David Faltz
David Faltz

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