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As Creative Director for White Rabbit Marketing, Zelick Gimelstein is instrumental in guiding conceptually strategic work for businesses looking to define their corporate identity online. Versed in everything from web design & development to SEO and content creation, he works with clients to steer the vision of their brands and make their ideas tangible for target audiences. The expanding ingenuity imbued in his work as Creative Director seeps into his industrious musical career of over 25 years, conducted with the same passion for excellence and innovation.

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The Local Search Ranking Factors That Really Matter in 2017

Posted By: Zelick Gimelstein

The Local Search Ranking Factors That Really Matter in 2017

If you have a business with a physical address – or want an audience in a specific geographic area – you may already know how important it is to ensure locals can find you in their search results.

When someone is seeking out a lawyer, therapist, lawn company, restaurant, and so on, chances are good they’re not going to want a business two states over – or even two cities over. They want to search locally. In fact, Google and other search engines automatically preference nearby businesses even when people don’t use a local modifier, such as a city name or the terms “near me.”

Bottom line: you need to show up near the top of the results when someone in your area searches for your type of business or you’ll lose out on sales.…

Your Guide to Better Local SEO Results

Posted By: Zelick Gimelstein
Category: Local SEO

Your Guide to the Changing Landscape of Local SEO

You know that mobile has changed the game where search ranking is concerned. That more and more people use their phones and other devices to find nearby businesses. That being able to show up in local results matters – a lot.

What you might not realize is that just about every business knows that now. A few years ago, an “optimized” local SEO strategy largely meant tackling a few basic tasks, like creating local landing pages and ensuring your business was represented on as many directory services as possible.

Today, that’s the baseline. Everyone is doing it. Which means you need to do more if you really want to stand out.…

Why Businesses with WordPress Sites Should Consider WP Engine (A Totally Biased Review)

Posted By: Zelick Gimelstein

Why Businesses with WordPress Sites Should Consider WP Engine (A Totally Biased Review)

If you have a business, you need a website – that’s just the way it is these days.

Most business owners who are serious about their online presence will hire a company experienced in creative and functional website design & development. But, it’s so important to understand that a really awesome website goes beyond how it looks and functions on the front-end.

The back-end of your website – the place where you, the business-owner can add, edit, and manipulate content – requires just as much attention. These days, the ability to make changes to your content, images, products, and more should not require you to know how to code.…

The Starter Guide to Technical SEO

Posted By: Zelick Gimelstein

The Starter Guide to Technical SEO

A lot of business and website owners balk at the words “technical SEO.” To many people, “technical” suggests a concept that is inherently difficult to understand, while SEO in general can seem confusing if you don’t have a background in web design or marketing.

The term itself is intimidating, but the meaning is straightforward. Technical SEO is basically the behind-the-scenes stuff that helps search engines—primarily Google—find and index your site. In other words, it’s all the SEO you do for your site, minus the actual content.

Optimizing a site’s content with relevant keywords and user-friendly experience is called “On Site SEO.” There’s “Off Site SEO” as well, which refers to how much other websites link to your site.…