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Web Content Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Maximizing Online Exposure

The average online consumer is smart. They can quickly recognize when you are trying to sell them something, and have little patience for blatant advertisement that is annoying, disruptive, and offers no real benefit to them.

That’s why having an effective content marketing strategy is so important—content marketing can be a powerful tool for maximizing online exposure, but only when handled correctly. Content marketing, at its best, should be conversational and informative, establishing a relationship with the customer based on trust. By providing consumers with valuable, engaging, and new information, you’ll win their attention and teach them to love your brand. On top of winning new customers, you’ll gain visibility from major search engines like Google, which places sites with quality content at the top of its searches.

At White Rabbit, we understand content marketing—from what makes for compelling content to what kinds of material search engines love. We use content marketing to elicit a powerful response from your readers, transforming your content into your industry’s latest hot topic. By educating consumers to respect your brand, we help increase traffic, leads, and conversions.

Out with Traditional Advertising, in with Content Marketing

When you think of advertising, you may picture pop-ups, television commercials, and billboards.
There are several problems with these dated types of ads.

Traditional ads are disruptive

Traditional ads often disrupt potential customers from an activity like watching their favorite show or driving to work. Regardless of how cleverly worded or colorful these ads are, they can come off as irritating, simply because of their placement.

Traditional ads don’t provide customers with anything useful

Rather than informing customers of something new or interesting, traditional ads typically have one, transparent intention—to persuade customers to spend their money on a product. Because of this, even the most successful ads only hold their audience’s attention for a small window of time.

Customers have become hardwired to ignore traditional ads

Today, the average consumer can instantly identify and shut off advertisements. Think about it—using DVRs, potential customers can skip through TV commercials, and they can avoid radio advertisements entirely by choosing satellite radio programs. When they are surfing the web, consumers are so used to seeing ads that they don’t even give them a glance.

Traditional ads are expensive

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertisements like commercials and billboards. If you are the owner of an independent business, the odds are you simply can’t afford to spend that kind of money on ineffective, superfluous advertisements.

What is Effective Content Marketing?

By now you probably get the general idea, but what exactly is content marketing? In simple terms, content marketing is method of creating and sharing relevant, useful information to attract an audience, with the objective of encouraging a sale or other beneficial action in the future. It’s the technique of winning over customers without selling – of providing valuable information in exchange for loyalty and business in the long term.

There are many different kinds of content marketing, and each one can be enormously effective when handled correctly. Some of the most common types of content marketing include:

  • Web copy

    The copy on your website is vital to establishing yourself as a reputable, attractive brand. The best web copy engages an audience, informs customers about your business, and improves search engine visibility.

  • Blog posts

    Today, blogs can be so much more than a mundane diary. Blogs allow you to provide customers with information and updates about your company and industry, while helping you build your brand’s personality.

  • Articles

    Online articles can be educational, entertaining, or (as is often the case with the best of them) both. This type of content catches customer attention with engaging information, putting you in the perfect position to market products at the right time.

  • Videos

    An effective video communicates a message in a way that is quick, yet memorable. Examples include music videos, tours of your office, and educational clips.

  • eBooks

    By providing guests with a free, downloadable eBook, you establish yourself as an authority in your industry and offer something that seems substantial and valuable.

  • …and many more!

    These are just some of the many types of content marketing White Rabbit uses to expand your audience.

We’ll start with the diversification of content, opening up an array of channels—from blog posts to infographics to case studies. Our top writers will compose quality content that helps build your brand’s personality and elicits a powerful response from readers, spreading copy across the web in places your target audience frequents. By creating opportunities to engage with your customers, we’ll help you to maximize conversions and ROI.


Why Choose White Rabbit Marketing?

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest content marketing trends—it seems like every day, marketing experts announce a new strategy, technique, or obstacle to take into consideration. Tips, techniques, and rules seem to change every day, and can vary depending who you ask. One source might tell you it’s all about placing the right keywords in the right places throughout your copy, while another may tell you to forget about keywords entirely and focus on content.

At White Rabbit, our team of marketing experts makes it their business to keep up with the latest marketing trends, from Google algorithms to breakthrough techniques. We use our research, knowhow, and experience to position you as an authority and help you attract a loyal customer base through quality content. We’ll take care of all the groundwork, writing, and distribution, while you can sit back and relax, knowing your marketing is in the hands of industry experts who’ve helped numerous businesses to raise awareness about their brand and increase sales.

We treat every client like an individual, and work with you to learn about your needs and what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you’d like to learn more about the White Rabbit difference, give us a call at

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