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Online Reputation Management & Repair

online-reputation-management-img Modern consumers are surrounded by noise all day long, in almost every environment. This does not simply refer to auditory noise, but to all distractions, advertisements, interactions, and stimuli that the brain has to process every day. Ordinary people find themselves beset by advertisements and commercials from TV, the internet, billboards, signs, and magazines, and from every product that is thrust in front of their nose.

To sift through the thousands of choices about what to buy and how to spend his or her money, a consumer strives to make informed decisions. Most of these decisions rely upon prior knowledge of a company or brand name. There are, of course, many people who will research brands before making any purchases, but the large majority of people simply choose from names that are familiar to them.

Reputation is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. Building up a good reputation with your customers ensures that they will return to your store and recommend your good name to their friends and coworkers. If you develop a bad reputation, then the chances of consumers choosing to frequent your store and buy your products decreases significantly.

This is all common knowledge for any business owner, and it is only logical that building up a good reputation is a practice that carries over into all realms of business. An online reputation is as important as one that is local, and offers a much further reach. While some people may consider an online reputation more difficult to cultivate, the methods are generally the same.

Customers need to feel that the company or business cares about them, not as a number on a sales sheet, but as a person. For a company building an online presence, this includes starting a dialogue with customers through email or social media and listening to and acting on customer criticism.

Where online reputations differ from those built by face-to-face relationships is in their ability to withstand negative criticism. The internet provides a medium for a single disgruntled customer to make his or her voice heard and severely damage your company’s good name. Our job is to help you repair your business reputation when this happens.

Some of the reputation repair services we provide to fix the damage caused by slander include:

  • Reputation analysis based on review sites, social media, and SERPs. We review mentions of the company name in online forums and determine the effect that they have on the company’s reputation.

  • We make the positive conversations and internet chatter about your company accessible to searchers using “white hat” SEO strategies.

  • We use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage positive internet chatter.

  • We employ SEO strategies to put your company’s literature on the first page of search engine results.

  • We locate negative comments about the product and ensure that the negative reviews have little effect on the company reputation.

  • We generate positive mentions of the brand name and reviews that show the benefits of the product or service.

  • We seek to engender positive feeling towards the company among customers, leading to good reviews and recommendations.

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Keeping a company’s reputation intact and positive on the internet can be a difficult task, but White Rabbit Marketing is up to the challenge. We know that having a good reputation is worth the time and effort it takes to build such a status would like to take care of that project for you. After all, there are other important aspects of business that require your specific focus. You can trust us to handle your company’s reputation and set the stage for a positive image.

By entrusting your reputation to us, you will be free to work with your target audience, engaging them across a variety of media. While you focus on selling your product and building relationships with customers, you can rest assured that White Rabbit Marketing will establish a good name for your company and use that good name to develop an impressive and respected online reputation.

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