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SEO Challenges: Explaining the Value of SEO to Clients

Posted By: David Faltz
Category: SEO

If you ask 10 people to provide you with a definition for SEO, you may get 20 different answers. That’s how difficult the idea is to grasp for most people. After all, it’s a rather new concept with so much competing (and sometimes conflicting) content circulating around the internet. One person believes it means a particular thing, while another has something totally different in mind. Sometimes it can be difficult to get all the SEO experts in a company to agree on the key points, processes, and strategies.…

Whiteboard Animations, Video Scribing: What’s the Big Deal?

Posted By: David Faltz
Category: Video Marketing
Custom Whiteboard, Typography, Animations and Promotional Videos

It appears that internet marketing has hit a major pivot point in 2014. The combination of the rise of video marketing and the dwindling attention span of the general public has given way to something known as ‘video scribing.’ While you may be more familiar with the term ‘whiteboard animation,’ the fact that it now has an official title shows that it may be shifting from a niche marketing technique to accepted industry strategy.…

A Quick Reference Guide to Becoming SEO Compliant

Posted By: David Faltz
Category: SEO

If you currently underestimate the value and importance of SEO compliance, now is your time to think it over again. With its two most recent algorithm updates, Google – the world’s search engine giant – has put the focus on compliance. It has started to crack down on violations and wants everyone to know it takes its rules and regulations quite seriously. For those white hat SEOs following the rules, this comes as good news.…

Go Local or Go Home: What Marketers Need to Know About Local SEO (LSEO)

Posted By: David Faltz
Category: Local SEO
Local Search Marketing

Imagine the family-owned pizzeria down the street investing in search engine optimization. Everyone in town knows they make the best pizza around, but now the family wants to grow its business regionally. Perhaps they’re trying to grow brand awareness before franchising, or maybe they simply want more out-of-town orders, so the family attempts to rank for the keyword phrase “order pizza online.”

Of course, the effort is a flop, resembling a freshly spun ball of dough smacking on the table.…

Are You Link Spamming or Building? 7 Things Execs Need to Know About Link Building

Posted By: David Faltz
Category: Backlinks
Link Earning

Let’s face it: search engine optimization is simple in theory, but it’s a daunting challenge to accomplish for any business. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates don’t make the SEO landscape any easier, adding new factors into search results. One of the most pressing myths surrounding these algorithm updates is that “link building is dead.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The problem, however, is that businesses and marketers often make the mistake of link spamming instead of link building.…

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At White Rabbit, we bring your company values and mission to life with innovative and groundbreaking strategies. We understand that no single solution will usher your brand to the front of the competition, but rather, that you have to use a combination of the latest strategies, practices, and techniques. White Rabbit Marketing equips businesses with effective and creative SEO / inbound marketing strategies, designing campaigns that combine search engine optimization, web design, content creation, social media, and branding optimization. Our team of designers, developers, and optimizers employ the latest design and marketing techniques to reach your target audience and improve your brand perception. By building exceptionally appealing and functional websites with quality content, we help you to portray your brand in a glowing and authoritative light. We position your site in the channels your target customers frequent, raising your brand’s search engine rankings and attracting more people to you on social media platforms. The more people who know, like, and respect your brand, the greater your chances of increasing conversions – and your bottom line.
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