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We Get Your Company Positive Reviews – You Watch as Business Booms

Business owners have always known that the best way to get more clients and customers is through positive word-of-mouth. Whether people are shopping for a pair of jeans, searching for a home service professional or looking to hire an attorney, they want to feel confident in your company and they want to know what people are SAYING ABOUT YOU.

Here’s how this used to work: Someone purchases from, or hires your company. You do a great job, providing amazing products or services that impact that customer in a positive way. Not only do they typically become a loyal, repeat customer, but anytime a friend, family member, or colleague mentions needing that same product or service, they mention your name and sing your praises. That person then purchases from or hires your company because of the TRUST you built with their acquaintance.

And the cycle repeats.

Today, word-of-mouth and your reputation are just as important to building your client base and growing your business as they always were. While plenty of people still get direct, personal recommendations from people they know, technology has created another method. A method that can be either a boon to your business, or a boon to your competitors – depending on how you approach it.

What is it? Online reviews.

At White Rabbit Marketing, we’ve seen the research, and we know that more and more potential customers are turning to the internet to help them choose everything from lawyers to doctors to carpet installers every year. They expect you to have a robust web presence. To show that you possess an in-depth understanding of your industry and stay up to date on the latest trends. To provide them with various ways to get in touch. And, perhaps most importantly, to have glowing reviews.

How Online Reviews Can Make – or Break – a Business


According to studies, personal recommendations are the number one thing that causes people to convert – at every single stage of the “purchase cycle.” Does this transfer to online reviews? Absolutely. In fact, an astounding 88% of people say that they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there are all kinds of places where people can review your business online, and a few bad reviews can do a lot of damage to your company’s reputation. In many cases, businesses don’t even realize that negative reviews exist and thus have no opportunity to respond to them. Negative reviews can be a “silent killer” for companies who are not actively monitoring their reputation online.

White Rabbit Marketing’s Review Management & Acquisition Tool doesn’t focus on the bad news, though – our tool allows us to identify and locate negative reviews online – in order for you to respond to them –  while using a number of different methods to dramatically increase the number of positive reviews for your company online. Positive customer reviews on the sites that consumers trust, and use often, may very well be one of the most effective marketing tools that exist for your business.

So, how do we get clients to start spreading the good word about your business online?

By tactfully asking clients for feedback and reminding them to provide it.

Asking a customer or client for a review online can be uncomfortable. Many business owners feel they are being intrusive by doing so. While statistics show that this is not necessarily the case, we understand our client’s apprehension to do so. We utilize tried and true methods that encourage people to offer testimonials without creating that awkwardness. And because your clients are busy people with a lot on their plates, we also offer tactful reminders to them if they haven’t completed their review within a certain amount of time.

By guiding people through the online review process.

Most people don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing a business. If the process is too time-consuming or complicated, they may simply stop in the middle and that opportunity for a positive review is lost. Our goal is to make it aas simple and straightforward as possible for them, and provide help as needed. We use a process that allows you to funnel people to the review sites that are the most important to your business and encourages them to finish by providing the quickest route to posting those important reviews.

By recognizing and reaching out to dissatisfied clients before they write a negative review.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a client simply isn’t happy after working with you. While you may not be able to please everyone, we strive to identify and appease dissatisfied clients before they can do damage to your reputation by writing a bad review about you. Often, simply taking the time to reach out to an unhappy client and show them that you care how they feel will be enough to dissuade them from trying to hurt your business.

What do we not do? White Rabbit Marketing will never write reviews for you or help you to buy reviews. Why not? Aside from any moral qualms about using fake reviews, it is something that review sites watch closely for. If you are caught using false reviews, your business will most likely be penalized according to the rules of that particular site. Worse than that, even if the sites themselves don’t notice that your reviews are fake, potential clients may.

What the White Rabbit Review Management & Acquisition Plan Entails

Now that you understand how important it is to manage your reputation online through acquisition of real, positive reviews, along with identification and response to negative reviews, it’s time to dive into the nuts and bolts of our tool. What exactly do you get when you choose White Rabbit Marketing’s review management and acquisition tool?

Get the Positive Reviews Your Business Needs by Reaching Out to White Rabbit Marketing

Your good name matters. You know it, and so do we.

To find out more about how our plan helps you to acquire more positive online reviews, get in contact as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling. Reach out today using one of several convenient contact methods:


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